OpenWatch Message Setting

Top & bottom Message Text

TASKER VARIABLE %OWLINE1 or %OWLINE2 to replace all the text for each line, or embed multiple variables within the line text e.g: "Time is %TIME on %DATE Battery:%BATT"

Due to the way Bluetooth watches display the message text, any line over 20 characters will cause the display to scroll horizontally. When a line reaches 40 characters the line is truncated*. I have attempted to warn you when this happens by truncating the text and adding an ellipsis (...) to the end of the line, to indicate that this has happened.

* This is probably a restriction on the watch not the API

Watch display style

Using a combination of the built in vibrate and envelope icon, you may customise how the message is displayed on the watch.


** Use the message option with caution. Without the vibrate option you will probably not notice the text when it is displayed

Phone display style

You may choose to have your phone display the message at the same time as your watch if you have a long message, as the phone display will not be truncated in the same way as the watch display.


In reality most of the time, the phone will probably be out of sight when the situation is triggered and the toast will have disappeared, but the option's there if you want to use it.

Notification display style

You may choose to have your phone post a notification message at the same time as your watch displays the message. This allows you to have longer multi-line messages that will not be truncated, and can be viewed in full when you choose to check the notification. Tapping the notification will display the full toast text and then clear the notification. (using the notification option provides a backup in case your watch is temporarly disconnected from the phone when the setting is triggered).


The simple option will use the standard notification sound only.

The vibrate option uses a custom vibrate pattern (40,1000,40,1000,40) to emulate the watch pattern, along with the standard notification sound.

The led notification will display a flashing blue led with a on,off pattern at 40,1000 milliseconds to emulate the watch vibrate pattern, along with the standard notification sound.

Currently you cannot customise the vibrate or led option. If enough people request it or I get bored I may add it in the future.

Test this setting

This button will allow you tweak your message layout and display options without having to trigger the Locale situation just to see exactly how it will look on the watch and phone.


Check External notifications are enabled in OpenWatch Settings. Check the watch is currently conected via bluetooth (the OpenWatch notification icon should be blue not grey). If you can only see the top line message text on the watch disable the Use System font setting in OpenWatch or just use a single line message if you need to use a custom font.

Thank you

To the developers of OpenWatch and Locale/Tasker for providing the API to glue their apps together and You for downloading and trying this software.


A lot of work goes in to apps like OpenWatch (which is free) and Locale/Tasker. If you consider this plug-in useful and you want to reward a developer please donate to the OpenWatch developers on their site - they did all the heavy lifting. Thanks.

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