Send messages to your Bluetooth watch using this Locale/Tasker and OpenWatch plug-in

Locale OpenWatch MSG plug-in

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Market Details

Send messages to your Bluetooth watch using this Locale/Tasker and OpenWatch plug-in

Configured entirely in Locale/Tasker there is no launcher icon (it's a plug-in)

IMPORTANT Check External notifications are enabled in the OpenWatch Settings.

Requires Locale (v1.0+ ) or Tasker (1.0.10+) OpenWatch (v0.41+)

Recent Changes

Fixed Opps Some of the recent changes for tasker, caused a problem if you had a locale setting that only used one line of the display.

Screen Shots

Online Help

Availible from within the plug-in using the HELP menu item.


Link:Android Marketplace (phone)  App Brain (phone or desktop)

QRcode: Scan the QRcode using your phone to download (Why not try these companion plug-ins as well ?)

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0.7.3 BETA (10)- Fixed Sorry I broke some code for Locale in 0.7.0 are you all using tasker now ?25/10/2010
0.7.2 BETA (09)+ Added support for larger font display on single line messages using force1line
Requires OpenWatch beta 1.1.2 (20101020)
- Fixed missing tasker icon and "Do not show again" button on test in tasker dialog
0.7.1 BETA (08)- Fixed tasker layout on non market version of tasker (two package names) Thanks Heiko 16/10/2010
0.7.0 BETA (07)+ Added Tasker variable support and tasker Layout14/10/2010
PRIVATE (06)+ Added Tasker Variable support11/10/2010
0.6.0 BETA (05)+ Added Notification options and OI About Interface27/09/2010
0.5.3 BETA (04)- Fixed bug that prevented saving of setting if you only used the bottom line for message text22/08/2010
0.5.2 BETA (03)- Fixed INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_BAD_SHARED_USER_ID Error on FroYo 2.219/08/2010
0.5.1 BETA (02)- Fixed Italic app name to avoid F/C error in HTC program manager bug on HTC handsets15/08/2010
0.5.0 BETA (01)* Released14/08/2010
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